Travel is...

I originally wrote this for my friends. I was on a plane to Indonesia wondering why people wonder why I quit such a great job to travel the world. I don't really know whether to call it a poem or blog post, but I figured I should share it:

Travel is...

When you are the guy with the accent. When you've been on the move for 2 days without a shower, people actually come up to you and tell you how much your feet stink, you're constantly hungover, you have no clue what your first meal in 10 hours is going to be, and your sanity is so far gone you don't even miss it. When having a plan is the worst plan. When you fall in love in one night with a girl that lives halfway around the world and always wonder what if. When you meet people who have actually never heard of Nirvana, Sublime, Offspring, etc. and realize you are about to change their world. When all accommodation is completely booked and your tent is the only option. When skydiving is your backup option if there are no great white sharks to swim with that day. When you think everyone is asleep and let a fart slip in an 8 bed dorm, and a guy who may or may not speak English answers back with a thunderous fart of his own and laughter erupts from every bed, and you are now speaking the universal language of comedy. When airports/train/ferry stations look more like frisbee and football fields to you. When the random blokes in your hostel become your mates for life. When you say goodbye to someone and it actually hurts, and you promise that it's not the last time you will ever see them. When you make good on that promise. Ah yes, traveling is the best. 

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    Rob Taylor (Wednesday, 23 September 2015 10:39)

    This is all too true. Now that we travel with kids, things aren't so uncertain, but man do I miss when the stink and danger were a part of everyday life.