What is #tomarika? Marika and Tommy started traveling together in March of 2015. They got a tattoo of all the continents together in Thailand after one week of knowing each other and before they even started dating. Needless to say, they have some pretty fun adventures around the world which you can follow here and with the Instagram hashtag #tomarika. This page will be updated regularly with news feed style quick stories, pictures, videos, and full on blog posts.


Currently In: Bolivia

Quick Story: Marika's Panties Fly Away


We were flying fast on a boat on our way to Adventureiro Beach with our local friends Felipe, Claudio, Claudio's wife Julianne, and their 15 year old son Lucas. Tommy was rifling through Marika's red backpack to find his sunglasses and some sunscreen. Marika caught wind of Tommy taking some items out and in a panic whispered in Tommy's ear to be careful because her panties were inside the backpack and she didn't want the whole family to see them. Tommy, confident that everything would be just fine, pulled out his sunglasses that the panties somehow attached themselves to and Marika's black panties flew away to the back of the boat towards Felipe and Claudio's entire family. Somehow they flew right into Felipe's hand as he was fixing our luggage. He held them up with a question mark on his face and everybody started laughing. Marika was so embarrassed but couldn't resist laughing while at the same time looking as angry as she could at Tommy. 

Left: Marika pissed off while putting her panties away. Right: Felipe totally cool with everything.

Blog Post: The King Of Angra Dos Reis


We didn't really know much about Angra Dos Reis before we got on the bus from Rio. All we knew is that it was supposed to be a cool little beach town and a perfect place to relax for a couple days before the madness of São Paulo, the third largest city in the world. We were excited to have our first experience with Couchsurfing.com by staying with a local legend that had over 200 positive reviews...Read more.

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