In Sweden When Trump Won - 5 Things I Learned


I gained an invaluable perspective on our election and system from one of the most progressive countries in the world when I watched Trump win the election in Sweden. Click here to read.

Kuta To Uluwatu By Motorbike


We went to some great lengths to see the monkeys at the ancient temple by the cliff. If the journey is the destination, we were there a long time ago! Click here to read.

How To Get A Job After Traveling


Afraid to take your dream trip because you fear not being able to find a job when you get back? Let me help quell those fears for you. As a long-term traveler and a recruiter, here are my secrets to getting back on your feet when you return so you can rest easy while you travel. 

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Two Unbelievable Places To Staay In Minca, Colombia

Minca, Colombia is a small village of around 800 people about 15km outside of Santa Marta. It is not currently on every tourist’s radar that travels through South America, but it will be. It has two of the most awesome places to stay in the world: Oscar’s Place and Casa Elemento. Read all about them here!

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The Death Road Peanut Story

200-300 people a year die on Bolivia's extremely dangerous Death Road. Well, I was recently in La Paz so I decided to ride down the most dangerous road in the world on a mountain bike. The result was I'm still alive since you are reading this article. However, I did in fact almost meet my maker that day, but it did not involve a bike tire dangling carelessly above a 100km cliff. Read all about it here!

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The Art Of Pantomime


Asking how to get to the Roman Colosseum or if a restaurant has a bathroom with only hand gestures can be tricky and takes creativity. You don't always have WiFi available to save you. The results are often times hilarious. These are my favorite items I've had to ask for from locals in foreign countries using just my hands. 


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Sarcastic Review Of The Worst Hostel Ever


This month, I stayed in a hostel so bad it was funny. Check out my sarcastic review of Hostel Sweet in Puerto Iguazu here!

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The King Of Angra Dos Reis


We didn't really know much about Angra Dos Reis before we got on the bus from Rio. All we knew is that it was supposed to be a cool little beach town and a perfect place to relax for a couple days before the madness of São Paulo, the third largest city in the world. We were excited to have our first experience with by staying with a local legend that had over 200 positive reviews...Read more.

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One Week In Rio On A Budget


We kicked ass in Rio by seeing (almost) everything there is to see and saving a ton of money. Here is how we did it!

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The 2016 Travel Bucket List

Cotopaxi recently asked me about my adventure bucket list for 2016. They make high quality travel backpacks that fund sustainable poverty alleviation, move people to do good, and inspire adventure. In order to support their good cause, I figured I’d do them a solid. I have plenty in store for this year, including a major trip across South America. Here’s the plan. 

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Tripwire: The Next Big Thing In Travel Tech



Get ready for the app that you will not be able to travel without. Tripwire will be released on February 26th. I've been lucky enough to work with them for the past few months and I've been playing with the beta. Find out what I think here!

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Getting Over Your Fears Of Solo Travel

I don’t think my friends would necessarily describe me as a shy guy. But what they might not know, however, is that I seem to be outgoing because I’ve always had them to lean on. I’m perfectly comfortable at parties and meeting new people when my friends are there because it’s easy to be me when I have such great people bringing out the best in me. When it comes to meeting new people on my own it becomes a whole different story...Read more.

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That Time I Almost Died In Thailand

Guest post for


Alice from TeacakeTravels was nice enough to let me guest post on her amazing blog. Find out how I almost died in Thailand but made the best of it right here!

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Me And My Scoopy

By guest poster Alice from!


Tiny beads of water, which had been slowly simmering under the layers of my lobster sun-attacked skin for the last couple of hours were finally reaching their boiling crescendo and at that optimum moment, BOOM! The threshold had been hit and I was giving myself my own sweaty power shower. The beads of salty heat slowly crawled down my face, reflecting the speed at which I was moving myself. I let out a long ‘uuuuuuuurgh’...Read more.

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Croatia - Plitvice vs. Krka

Most travelers visiting Croatia make it a point to check out Plitvice Lakes. And for good reason! This former #1 spot on my bucket list has probably the most gorgeous turquoise water you will ever see as countless waterfalls pour into it from every direction. When I first saw pictures, I had a hard time believing it was a real place on Earth. But there is another place called Krka National Park that gives the Plitvice Lakes a run for their money. Read more.

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Rocking Out In Adelaide

In January of 2015 I quit my job to travel the world. It wasn’t just any job. I worked for one of the most respected companies in the world. It was the only job I can truly say I was ever proud of and I wasn’t just there to make a paycheck. I worked at craigslist. But after a little over two years, things turned sour and I was forced to make a decision: continue working for a company I love but doing I job I grew to loathe, or hop on a plane and see where the world takes me...Read more.

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6 Tourist Attractions To Die For...Literally

Many travel to get out of their comfort zone and experience real adventure. I know I do. That’s why I think the Four Corners Monument is probably the lamest tourist attraction of all time. I’d rather tell my grandkids I was bit by a shark while on vacation instead of that time I held hands with three other people in a circle. In honor of Halloween coming up, here is a list of 6 things you can do on vacation that might make it your last one...Read more.

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Bedbugs and Hookers - The Phnom Penh Story

We were bombarded with howling tuk tuk drivers before the bus doors even opened as we arrived in Phnom Penh. It was 5 am and we just concluded an 8-hour bumpy and sleepless bus ride where we had to survive on Pringles as the rest stop food looked like it would have made those Asian toilets a lot more complicated. Read more.

Lembongan - The Underrated Indonesian Island In The Shadow Of Bali 

It took weeks of island exploring in Indonesia to find the “goldilocks” island. Lembongan has everything you want: beautiful beaches, cool locals, amazing food, cheap everything, great bars...Read more.

The 6 Golden Rules Of Traveling

I’ve been to dozens of countries, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. From little ones like paying too much for plane tickets to big ones like taking organized bus tours from country to country instead of backpacking solo. I’ve learned that my trips always seem the best in hindsight, and they could have always been better. These are the rules I live by to ensure that I will have the least amount of regrets and that I get the most out of my trips. Read more.

The 5 Best Festivals In The World To Get Dirty

You should always plan your trip around at least one festival. That is one of my golden rules of traveling. If you really want to see how the locals live life, you will find them at their best during their biggest celebrations. The feeling of connection between you and the locals is unsurpassable when you realize that everyone in the world really wants the same thing: to enjoy life and just have fun. Read more...

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Is Travel A Drug?


I talk to two leading psychologists in the field of travel and happiness to answer the question: Is travel a drug? Find out what they said here.

Vietnam and the Spontaneity of Travel

I’m not a huge fan of those “Top 5 Things To Do In Whatever Country” articles or travel photos of some bro and a drugged up tiger so he can look cool on Facebook or Tinder. Sure, touristy attractions and pretty pictures are great when traveling, but what I really live for is the unique experience: the story. Stories that no one else can tell but you. Stories so spontaneous they actually seem impossible. Traveling naturally creates these stories because we find ourselves...Read more.

Yosemite During California's Big Drought

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit this, but I have lived in California my entire life and I’ve never visited Yosemite National Park. I am actually much more well travelled outside my own country. This year, I decided to change that with the annual camping trip I take with my friends on Labor Day. For multiple reasons, Yosemite was much more disappointing than I expected, yet still stunningly beautiful.. .Read more.

The Songkran Story

Songkran is the multi-day New Years celebration in Thailand in which the locals and tourist take part in a country-wide water fight. Having any type of water shot from a gun or poured on you is a symbol of good luck. When asked why they do it exactly, Thai people will simply say: because it's fun. There is a lot to do with the Bhuddist calendar as well. This story occurred April 12, 2015, one day before Songkran…or so I thought. Read more.

The Koh Rong Story

When you travel long enough with the right person, a bond forms so tight that not even the Large Hadron Collider could split it apart. Sometimes that person is the one you got on a plane with from the very beginning, sometimes you meet this person totally by chance on an island so small you can’t find it on most paper maps. To understand how impossible this story is, how the universe could only have been paying attention to only two people on this one particular night, we must first go back to the very beginning of I met...Read more


The Snake Village Story

"Snake Village please" I told the cab driver as we got into his car. I didn't really know what Snake Village was, but Hanoi wasn't on my original itinerary so I Googled a few things to do for a day there before we headed to Sappa that night. To our surprise, the cab driver had no clue what it was either. According to some tourist websites I found, Snake Village is an area outside Hanoi where the locals eat snakes, mix their blood with rice wine, and drink it because they believe it's good for your health. When I travel, I'm really into trying the weird stuff. The things that Westerners would look at...Read more.

Comedy Article: Man Who Gets Paid To Travel The World Quits His Job For A Cubicle And A 9-5

We've all read those articles: "So and so gave up her cushy office job to travel the world and get paid." What if that were reversed? 

The Best Place For A Haircut And Tattoo In Chiang Mai

I didn't need a haircut, and I definitely wasn't planning on getting a tattoo before the big three-day New Year's water fight celebration in Thailand. We just left our room that night for a minute to get a couple Chang beers so we could drink and play music. Walking back from 711 to our hostel, we heard the sound of guitars and singing...Read more.

Travel is...

I originally wrote this for my friends. I was on a plane to Indonesia wondering why people wonder why I quit such a great job to travel the world. I don't really know whether to call it a poem or blog post, but I figured I should share it. Click here to read.

5 Useful Items You May Not Have Though To Pack

 Want to know how I travel? I never forgot to bring these items even if my trip is only one state away for only a week. Stay in shape, stay hydrated, and keep that energy high! Click here to read.