Useful Items And Resources I Never Travel Without

What is it like to travel like me? Here is all the stuff I never travel without. This blog wouldn’t even be possible without most of these items. Whether you are stuck at a train station in Prague at 2 am with no place to stay or just looking for a way to make money while traveling, these recommendations will help you be prepared for anything. 

Travel Electronics

GoPro HERO4 Silver

I NEVER want to worry about my camera getting

wet. This waterproof bad boy takes care of that

and of course I use it for all my underwater 

shots on this blog. The HERO4 Silver even has a

touchscreen which the HERO3 was lacking. 

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Believe it or not, most of the pictures on this blog

were taken with an iPhone 6 Plus. The camera is 

amazingly high quality. The screen is big enough 

to read books allowing me to ditch the oversized

iPad. All hostels were booked with it, all texts and 

FaceTime, and of course all my music on Spotify. 

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Now that I'm a travel blogger, I have to be able

to create posts and edit pictures on the go. I think

the 13.3" version is perfectly compact and light

enough to travel with. The battery lasts for more

than enough time to create a whole post and that

Retina display screen is oh so sexy. 

Travel Gear

Deuter Transit 50 Backpacking Bag

At 50L, this bag is the perfect size. Anything bigger

and you aren't packing light enough. It comes with 

a removable day bag which is key. I keep my hiking

shoes in the bottom compartment. It is so heavy 

duty all the zippers and fabric look as good as new

after countless months abroad. More by Deuter.

Rocky Peak Ultralight Travel Hammock

What do you do when all the hostels are booked?

Suck it up and go for an expensive hotel? No way!

Find a couple trees and set this baby up. It's more

of an adventure anyway. Adding only 13 ounces to

your load, this thing pays for itself at only $29.99!

Weanas 2-3 Person Backpacking Tent

never travel without a tent. I feel like I'm the only

travel hacker that mentions getting a tent. You 

 really want to save money on accommodation?

Most foreign countries let you set up tents

anywhere. I've set em up on beaches, ferries, bars,

bathrooms, town squares, and even campgrounds!

Misc Travel Essentials

Black Mountain Resistance Bands

These are the best way to stay fit while traveling in 

my opinion. Lots of people ask me how I maintain

muscle mass while being away from the gym for 

months at a time. This is the secret. You can work 

out every part of the body anytime for $32.99, 

which is half the price of a gym membership here. 

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

This is key in countries where the tap water is 

unsafe to drink from. Simply fill the bag with water,

screw the filter on, and drink! It filters out 99.99%

of all germs and bacteria making even puddle 

water safe to drink. Save money on buying bottled

water, this thing less than $20! 

Exofficio Underwear

These might be the biggest secrets to packing lightly.

I only packed two pairs of underwear on a four

month long trip. Two Exofficios. They have odor

resistant protection and are made to be washed in

the sink with soap. They dry within a couple hours

and are good to go. Just don't forget to wash them!

Travel Instruments 

Yamaha FG-Junior Acoustic Guitar

This little guy is the perfect guitar to travel with as

it is only 3/4 the size of a normal acoustic guitar. 

It is not too small to where the sound is sacrificed,

and it's not too big so you can actually fit it on a 

plane as carry on! I won't even take a weekend 

trip without this. 


I think it's silly to pack giant paper books while traveling. That's why I only read eBooks while abroad. I recommend the iPhone 6 Plus, Kindle, or iPad Mini. Here are my favorite travel related eBooks. Remember to click "Kindle Version" when purchasing to get the eBook versions:

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

This is the book that not only inspired this blog, but 

inspired me to keep traveling. Tim Ferriss pretty much

started the digital nomad movement. A digital nomad

is someone that is location independent. They can make

money using the internet and their laptops and travel far

more than someone with a 9-5. This book contains tips

and stories from people that are living the dream. 

How To Travel The World On $50 A Day

Matt Kepnes, or Nomadic Matt, is my favorite travel 

blogger. This book shows the true backpacker how

to save money on the road so they can travel for

as long as possible. BBC Travel calls it "The Bible For

Budget Travelers". You can check out Matt's blog