Work With Me!

I offer various ways I can help you, your brand, or your blog out.



I happily review travel related products, hostels, tours, etc. Please check out my review page for examples. Prices are negotiable or there might be no charge if you are providing a nice product or free accommodation.  

Photo Editing

I edit all my own pictures on this blog and most of them were taken with a phone camera or a GoPro. I can make your pictures look more pretty and vibrant. See the before and after shots below:


Social Media Promotion

I can help you gain at least 50 Twitter followers a day as long as you have good content. 


Plan Your Trip 

I am an expert on traveling Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. I always travel with a budget while still being able to explore cool things. I can help you plan your trip based off your needs. Right now I am doing this as a freelancer but I have partnered with as on of their influencer bloggers!


Advertising and Promotion

I offer advertising on my blog for a fee. I can do sidebar ads, banner ads within blogs posts, or promotional blog posts.  


Here is an example of one of my promotional blog posts I wrote for Secret Cottage. 


Sponsorships/App Testing

Have a travel related app or startup? I have partnered with multiple app startups to test their brand and raise awareness. If the app helps me promote my material or makes me money on the road, I’ll do it for free! 


Guest Posts

I am open to guest posts as long as you link back to me on your site. I would be happy to do a guest post on your blog as well. These are mutually beneficial so I see no reason to charge for this. 


For more information such as pricing, please contact me.  

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